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Microsoft SharePoint Training Classes in Northern Virginia

Microsoft SharePoint is a multi-faceted aggregate of content and project management software. Not only does SharePoint serve as an impressive web-publishing platform, it also generates remarkably efficient collaboration between project members. The complexities of carrying out a business project—the constantly evolving flow of information, the continuous composition and revision of documents, and the wealth of data necessary to make informed decisions—can easily overwhelm team members. By utilizing SharePoint’s collaborative features, users may effectively resolve the majority of these tortuous considerations.

In many cases, SharePoint’s web publishing platform is the first step in establishing the framework for a project. This website—often contained within an organization’s private intranet portal—serves as the hub from which all project details are drawn. Team members visit the site in order to access the latest news on the project’s status and all its relevant documents and data. By depositing this information into a central location, all team members are certain to possess the most up-to-date versions of the documents in question. Finally, the self-contained nature of an intranet portal allows users to access vital information about their business with relative ease. Using SharePoint’s internal search function, members may explore the profiles and blogs of personnel within the same company; if they discover an employee with skills relevant to the team’s needs, this employee may be instantly invited to join the project. Moreover, members may also search for and access a business’ private data, such as sales numbers and inventories. The instant availability of such information markedly simplifies the planning and execution of projects. Combined, these comprehensive management features allow for a singular, straightforward, and streamlined process.

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