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COMPTIA Security+ certification applies to a broad array of skills involving computer security. In order to become Security+ certified, one must express a basic understanding of network infrastructure, cryptography, system security, and access control. Moreover, it is also necessary to demonstrate an aptitude for evaluating the security vulnerabilities of a particular system, identifying and mitigating the threats already present on a computer, and recovering lost data in the event of a devastating attack. With computer security threats becoming ever more pervasive and sophisticated, Security+ certification is now one of the most marketable forms of mid-level IT certification. In fact, a great number of high-profile corporations currently employ Security+ certified professionals in order to ensure the security of their data.

The COMPTIA Security+ exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions. Topics on the exam include the implementation of authentication protocols, the installation of security applications and monitoring tools, and the auditing of various security settings. Additionally, the exam also expects test takers to possess a solid understanding of networking, including the basic components of a network, the security tools related to such a network, and the methods of wireless encryption. For this reason, it is recommended that those seeking Security+ certification also become COMPTIA Network+ certified. Finally, COMPTIA also suggests that IT professionals earn at least two years of experience in a security-related vocation before taking the Security+ exam.

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