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PMP Training Classes in Northern Virginia (VA)

Awarded by the PMI, or Project Management Institute, the PMP certification is a globally recognized confirmation of one’s expertise in the field of project management. PMP certified professionals are expected to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of project management and all its attendant stages. The PMBOK, from which many of the PMP exam questions are drawn, establishes the ethical guidelines and performance standards for large and small scale projects worldwide. Since the presence of a PMP is likely to increase the success and efficiency of any project, many clients prefer to hire organizations that employ PMPs. For this reason, contractors are increasingly eager to acquire employees with PMP certification.

The PMP exam includes 200 questions, all of which are multiple choice. These questions will relate to the PMI’s six outlined domains of project management: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, closing, and recognition of professional responsibility. Although all stages are addressed on the exam, the majority will cover the planning, execution, and monitoring of the project. Before taking the PMP exam, the PMI requires that all test takers have at least five years or 7,500 hours of work experience. In addition to general experience, one must also have at least 35 hours of approved project management training. After receiving PMP credentials, your certification will be renewed every three years. In order to receive renewal, the PMI requires that you remain consistently involved in project management-related activities, whether it be through research, speaking engagements, or hands-on experience.

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