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Find Network+ Training Classes in Virginia

COMPTIA Network+ is a mid-level certification that reflects an IT professional’s aptitude for all elements of computer networking. On a foundational level, Network+ certified technicians must understand how to install and operate network hardware, software, and cables. Beyond these simple requirements, one must also demonstrate an understanding of the OSI model, the configuration of TCP/IP clients, and the network protocols for local and wide area networks. In most cases, those taking the Network+ exam have already passed the COMPTIA A+ exam, though this is not a requirement. However, possessing both A+ and Network+ certifications is often a prerequisite for many other forms of Microsoft and Cisco certification.

The COMPTIA Network+ exam lasts 90 minutes and contains between 60 and 70 questions. Every question is multiple choice; unlike the A+ exam, each question has only one correct answer. Although many of the questions simply evaluate the test taker’s knowledge of various networking components and configurations, others may test your hands-on experience with installing and maintaining network hardware. It is recommended that you not take the Network+ exam until after you have accumulated at least 18 months of experience working with computer networks. Finally, those who manage to pass the exam prior to the close of 2010 will receive lifetime certification. However, if you take the test in 2011 or later, you will need to seek recertification in the event that the exam is revised.

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