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Microsoft Office Training Classes in Virginia

Use the form above to request information about Microsoft Office classes in Virginia. You can get schedule and pricing information for classes on Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook. Once you complete the form above, a MOS training representative will be in touch to deliver you information.

What is the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification?

Microsoft offers different type of certifications for their Microsoft Office product line. Here's how it works:

Microsoft Office Specialist

To become a Microsoft Office Specialist in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, or Project, you have to take one of the six exams. Each exam is specific for each product. This certification demonstrates that you have good knowledge to perform most functions for each of these products.

Microsoft Office Master Specialist

To earn the Microsoft Office Master Specialist Certification, you must pass four out of five exams. Three of these exams are required, and one is elective. You would take this certification if you want to demonstrate your comprehensive knowledge of these products.

Microsoft Office Expert Specialist

The Microsoft Office Expert Specialist Certification is available for both Word and Excel. You can take this exam if you want to demonstrate your advanced knowledge in either Word or Excel.

Who should take the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification?

Most certifications offer by Microsoft are for IT professionals. However, the Microsoft Office Specialist certifications are not. These exams are generally useful for office administrators, office managers, and in many other positions that require knowledge of these products to carry out day-to-day job functions.

What is the format of the exam?

The exam will be done on a computer. The exam ask you to perform certain functions specific to the software, such as creating formulas, formatting tables, or sorting a column.

What is the passing score?

The passing score for each exam is 80%. The results will be given to you immediately after the exam.

What if you don't pass?

To help you prepare for the exam again, you can print out a detailed report at the end of the exam that identifies the areas you need to improve.

Which exams are more important for my career?

Earning a certification in any of these exams can not guarantee you a job. However, it will help you qualify for an interview if the job requires knowledge of the software. If you earn all of these certifications, you will stand out even more from the crowd. If you are currently employed and your job functions require beyond basic knowledge of these software, you can take the certification to help increase your knowledge and boost your confidence. You can even use it to negotiate for a promotion.