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ECSA/ LPT Certification Training in Northern Virginia

After earning your credentials as a Certified Ethical Hacker, it is also wise to become conversant in the analytical dimensions of ethical hacking. Receiving your ECSA certification is the first step in this process. Beyond the basic task of infiltrating the systems of clients, the ECSA asks the ethical hacker to analyze the implications of a system’s uncovered vulnerabilities. In addition to identifying the weakest elements within an infrastructure, the ECSA technician will also demonstrate an ability to anticipate and reduce the risk of future attacks. Once equipped with these skills, the ethical hacker is now prepared to receive his or her certification as a Licensed Penetration Tester, or LPT. As the last stage of ethical hacking certification, the LPT signifies an IT professional’s comprehensive mastery of the field.

The ECSA exam consists of 50 questions and 35 modules. Test takers are given two hours to complete the exam, and all must pay a $300 fee. This test measures one’s ability to analyze a wide range of system components, protocols, and detection systems, including TCP/IP packets, Snort sniffing, and log analysis. Unlike the CEH and ECSA certifications, LPT does not require an examination. Instead, the LPT is a training process whereby the ethical hacker masters the business and ethical requirements of the profession. Those with LPT credentials are not simply expected to understand the skills and methodologies of the ethical hacker; they must also demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the profession’s ethical guidelines and compliance regulations. After receiving your CEH and ECSA credentials, you must submit an application form—complete with all relevant work history—in order to be considered for LPT certification.

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The ECSA / LPT has become one of the most popular certifications in northern Virginia being that the area is highly focused on information security focused.