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Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Training in Virginia

The CISSP certification reflects a significant degree of experience and expertise in the area of information security. As the first and most prestigious credential in this discipline, the CISSP’s curriculum establishes the agenda for virtually all discussions related to information security. Central to this framework is the examination’s reliance on the CBK, or common body of knowledge shared among information security experts worldwide. Underlying the CBK are the three tenets of the CIA Triad, namely confidentiality, data integrity, and data availability. As a result of its relationship with government security protocols, the CISSP is a recognized certification within both the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency. Given its crucial relevance to both corporate and national security, the CISSP credential is a must for information security professionals seeking to obtain a supervisory position.

The CISSP exam involves 250 multiple choice questions, and test takers are given six hours to complete the exam. These questions take the three principles of the CIA Triad and extend them into ten different categories, also known as domains. Examples of these domains include security architecture, cryptography, recovery preparation, and methodologies for access control. Before taking the exam, one must earn at least five years of full-time experience working in an area of information security. Furthermore, this experience must involve engagement with no less than two of the ten CISSP domains. At least one year may be waived from this requirement if the applicant possesses certain alternative security-related certifications, a four-year degree, or an MS in Information Security.

The Best CISSP Bootcamp Training Class in Northern Virginia

If you are under the pressure of the DoD8570 directive (as many people in northern Virginia are) or if you just want to obtain the hottest IT security certification in the business, the CISSP, then you need a great training class. The best available CISSP bootcamp in northern Virginia is in Ashburn, VA.

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