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Certified Ethical Hacker Training Classes in Virginia

To become certified as a CEH, or Certified Ethical Hacker, one must demonstrate a knowledge base similar to that of a malicious hacker. When organizations or corporations are concerned about their data’s vulnerability to hacking, ethical hackers are frequently employed in order to test the security fortifications of the given networks or systems. To this end, the ethical hacker will attempt to infiltrate the systems of his or her employer. Although hacking is highly illegal in most developed countries, such a structured agreement between organizations and a CEH is considered legal. In fact, the increasing sophistication of hackers worldwide makes CEH certification one of the more marketable credentials in the field of computer security.

The CEH examination consists of 150 multiple choice questions. Test takers receive a maximum of four hours to complete the exam, and each must pay a fee of $250. Topics on the exam include virus creation, denial-of-service attacks, detection of intruders, and buffer overruns. Prior to taking the CEH exam, one must fulfill one of two requirements. First, you must possess at least two years of relevant information security experience. Alternatively, if you do not have such experience, it is necessary to attend an accredited training program before attempting to take the test. Finally, if you do not have the required work experience and do not wish to participate in the training program, you may also submit a petition explaining your academic history and the circumstances demanding your special consideration.

The Best Available CEH Training in Northern Virginia

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